Sunday, March 18, 2007



Me. Chris Stamm.

The stages of life as framed and articulated by my haircuts throughout the years.

What did they mean? Were they successful? What haircut made me happiest?


Edward O'Neill said...

Along the lines of Woody Allen. Metterling's Laundry Lists.

Lauren H S said...

Did I ever tell you I wanted to make a movie about this? A documentary that followed people through different haircuts, showed childhood pictures, interviews about their different hair choices, etc.

Edward O'Neill said...

To be truly funny, it should be DEADLY serious. Not a breath of self-awareness. Total navel-gazing. Kind of Dostoyevsky reflections on inner feelings about fine details of bangs vs. a fringe, the Ceasar, the Spiritual Significance of Mutton Chops.