Friday, April 13, 2007

Cathy: The Movie.

A live-action version of Everyone's Favorite Everywoman, Cat-Lover, Failed Dieter, Shopaholic.

Cathy is played by different actresses (even actors) in different scenes.

Indie directors shoot different parts: Todd Haynes, Wes Anderson, etc.

Interviews express various viewpoints on Cathy and Her Significance from humorists, stars, cartoonists, intellectuals, etc. R. Crumb weighs in. So does Kevin Smith. Ethan Hawke offers fake deep insights and asks for more make-up between takes. Since Susan Sontag is dead, Margaret Cho appears as both herself and Sontag.

It's part fiction film, part documentary, part avante-garde fake-out. The viewer should never know if the whole thing is serious art, parodic entertainment, documentary, mockumentary, what--something for everyone.

It's Zelig Meets Storytelling meets Intolerance.

--E. R. O'Neill

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Chris Stamm said...

You just invented the most annoying movie ever!!!!