Tuesday, April 29, 2008


When his beloved life partner Bill dies, Jason becomes distraught. He's untethered, spends time building a shrine to Bill in the apartment that they shared.

One day, quite by accident, Jason discovers Bill's secret: he had another lover--Alex.

Jason can't believe it. Was everything he thought about Bill wrong? Was their life together a lie?

After much delay, Jason meets Alex. Alex dismays Jason. Alex doesn't seem to think about Bill, doesn't cherish his memory, rarely thinks of him. How can someone so special to Jason mean so little to Alex? How can Bill have expended affection in this person who cherished him so little?

Slowly, the two grow closer. They spend a night together.

Jason imagines he's found a new Bill.

But Alex moves on--thoughtlessly, carelessly, as if nothing has happened.

And Jason must get on with living.

--E. R. O'Neill

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Tsuki said...

nice short story, sometimes we move on, sometimes we are still there though we say we don't. sometimes we lie.