Thursday, June 26, 2008

Zombie Inc.

A 20-something guy desperately needs a job.

He finds one at a new corporation.

But all the other employees are zombies. (Think Being John Malkovich meets Shaun of the Dead.)

All very nice--dressed in corporate attire.

They only groan when the copier doesn't work. Other than that, they're quite articulate.

It's quite easy being the first in line, as everyone shuffles slowly along, no matter what the destination.

Popular in the cafeteria? Human flesh, of course.

Our hero of course is attracted to the slackers. There's even a really pretty zombie he has a crush on.

But he rises too quickly in the corporate ladder, and all the slacker zombies resent him.

There are even not-so-quiet whispers of tokenism--promoting the living above the living-dead, just to show they're 'fair.' (The black zombies are like "same ol' bullshit.")

--E. R. O'Neill

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